Monday, December 5, 2011

Heard of Pook Dukes?

I saw these mittens in the window of a shop while I was out this afternoon, and made a sharp 90 degree turn right in - I HAD to have them!!!  I got a pair for me and Itty Bitty - his face lit right up when he saw them!

They are called Pook Dukes, and they are Canadian made (eh) - and don't they just scream out "I AM CANADIAN!!!"  They are wool socks, but the lining is fleece.

Yes, Itty Bitty is here for a day or two, studying for exams, getting some home cooking. We hadn't realized how much we missed him!


  1. They look Canadian, BUT they look like mitts not socks???

  2. They have them advertised in the Giant Tiger flyer this week.