Friday, December 13, 2013

Making Some Celtic Solstice Progress

I've been a busy girl!  Too busy to do any sewing this week.

Tuesday night, I gave a lecture to the Royal City Quilters' Guild.  I was proud to have been asked, and I tried my best to be interesting.  I think it went just fine!

I haven't mentioned this earlier - - but I'm having surgery on Tuesday morning.  I'll be taking four weeks off work for recovery, so I've been working my buns off to tie up any loose ends, close as many files as possible, meet any deadlines, and train a temporary replacement.  I'm beat!  I hope my temp replacement will work as hard as I did and leave me a clean desk when I get back.

So, this weekend will be about getting some housework done (I sure won't feel like it come Tuesday!) laundry caught up, and this week's Celtic Solstice Clue.  At least it's not too challenging, and I should be able to finish it in one sitting.  Last week's clue is still on the table!  But I've got about half the blocks done.

Itty Bitty was home for a couple of nights this week - but he's gone back to school.  He has one more exam to write on Wednesday, and then he'll be home for the holiday break.  He can look after his mummy! Keep me hydrated and medicated, and roll me over every once in a while so I don't choke on my own drool. It was nice to have him even for a couple of nights.  He's a big help to us.


  1. I hope your surgery goes smoothly and you make a quick recovery! I haven't even started step 2, but I'm thinking of trying the strip piecing method suggested on the Yahoo list.

  2. I was so sorry to miss your lecture at guild :(
    Hope your surgery goes well and that you are able to enjoy lots of sewing during your time off!