Thursday, May 8, 2014

BAM! Life changed! Another Pin: NAILED!

Oh man....I just did the unthinkable.  I shortened a dress.  A gorgeous dress that I risked $6 on at a thrift store in the city where Itty Bitty attends university. A dress, very nearly ankle length (and I'm 5' 6") which was going to be THE most adorable piece in my summer wardrobe...if I could figure out how to whack 12" off the bottom of it.

Today I found this tutorial while visiting Pinterest, and screwed up all of my courage.  I practiced on the lining of the skirt - whoa!  Slick as anything!  Took a deep breath, and carried on with the outer skirt.  Hmm...a little harder maneuvering over the side seams - but I did it!

I'll never be afraid again.  Thank you Pinterest and of course, Stef at GirlInspired.

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