Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gibby - a paradox

That cat of mine, never ceases to amaze/annoy/amuse me.

Sailor boy followed Gibby into my bedroom at 10pm last night, and upon crashing through my door, announced "GIBBY HAS A MOUSE!"

Sure enough, Gibby sat on is haunches, his back to the wall, with a lifeless mouse body (its head halfway down Gibby's throat) in his mouth, growling and hissing at Sailor Boy.  Gibby is not one for sharing!

I woke Itty Bitty up, and as Sailor Boy jumped on the cat, Itty Bitty wrestled the rodent carcass out of Gibby's vise-like jaws. 

Never was I sooooo proud, and yet sooooo nauseated at the same time.


  1. Be glad the mouse was not free to move about and was not put in your bed at 3 am. Been there. Remember the experience well!

  2. I agree, be glad it was lifeless. Too many birds, rodents and snakes in my past to not be proud of my cats when they actually KILL what they catch!