Thursday, December 30, 2010

Went on a date

Hubby and I went to the movies to see "The King's Speech" and then out for dinner together today.

Definitely "two thumbs up" - it was beautifully filmed.  I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.  And the story was incomparable.  Here's the official site.  I think twice in my entire history of going to the theatre has the audience actually applauded at the end of the film. I was suprised at the number of people in the audience as well.  We were somewhat late, arriving just as the previews were ending, and had to take front row seats.

I found myself physically engaged with the movie - nodding encouragement to Colin Firth, clenching my hands together as tightly as Helena Bonham Carter was gripping the arms of her chair. The lady next to me was TALKING to the screen! I thought I was going to have to smack her, but managed to restrain myself

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  1. Ha Ha Nancy.....anything with Colin Firth in it has my eyes glued to the screen. Isn't he just the bee's knees?????!!!! I hope he wins an Oscar for this role....he does a wonderful job.