Sunday, June 3, 2012

Doors Open

Have you heard about Doors Open?  Nothing like a Sunday drive - to leisurely learn more about the places and people around us.

A few weeks ago, Hubby and I went to Doors Open Hamilton.

 Hamilton Harbour

 Love the tiled floor at Dundurn Castle!  It looks like a Bonnie Hunter quilt!

 I'm always charmed by these schoolgirl samplers -disappointed that anti-glare glass is not in the frame.

 We spent a long while in this Serbian church.  It was like taking a trip to Europe! 
The frescos that covered the entire interior were painted by one man, and took him five years to complete.  There are no pews in this church - the congregation stands during mass (although there are benches around the perimeter for those who may need a bit of a rest).  And the burning of incense is not reserved for special occasions - spicy smoke filled the church.

 Smokestack at the Museum of Steam and Technology
 Baby chicks hide under the skirts of a 'pioneer girl' at Westfield Heritage Village
Also at Westfield Heritage Village


  1. Hi Nancy...Have you been doing any sewing lately? Your "doors open" day looks like it was an interesting day! Gail

  2. Glad you enjoyed my home town ,you must really see Dundurn Castle at Christmas ,its really beautiful.I would love to see inside that church.

  3. Hamilton, very much on the periphery of my life these days. Similar to your story, but different, is that DH has gone back to school FT and is at Mohawk College. You know the FT student and trying to have a life at the same time drill.

    I hope Guelph has treated you well.