Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Inner Child is Playing with Matches!

I've had the air conditioning on since March.

I fantasize about paddling around the North Atlantic on an iceberg.

My colleagues threatened to turn on the furnace last week.  I threatened to take my clothes off.

I'm hot.

So hot.  

Very very hot.

And recently?  You can add grumpy, mean, short-tempered, and bitter.  But mostly hot. I snapped off the head of a co-worker today who whined about the chilliness of 72 Frickin' Degrees Farenheit!!!!!  That is the DEFINITION OF ROOM TEMPERATURE PEOPLE!!!!

I met with a woman this morning (she works at another agency up the street from my office) and expressed my dissatisfaction with the temperature of HER office.  She recommended Black Cohosh and sent me to the health food store.  She swears it did her a world of good.  Not surprisingly, my colleagues are cheered up by the thought that I'm taking some action.


  1. Have been there and know what it feels like. It passes eventually. Not good in hot weather.

    Hope you get some relief from the black cohosh.

  2. welcome to my world....I tryed the black cohosh. didnt do a damn thing for me,hope it works for ya. please let us know.

  3. Black cohos is really a comfortable in the symptoms of menopause. i was just found it form this place Now i am good.