Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Attention Stash - You're getting TAMED

Further to last week's culling to the UFO's, I'm taking steps to tame the stash.  I've been hoarding fabric for too long, and it's time to set it free.

Towards that end, I've been creating Little Dresses for Africa.  I've got several more cut out and hemmed, but I'm all out of bias tape!  (Family & friends, check your sewing boxes - if you have 1/4" bias tape you're not going to use in this century, pass it on to me).  There's lots of good quality fabric in my stash which will never go into a quilt.

I'm also working on piecing a top together that I've been working on, on and off, for a few months, inspired by a quilt I have pinned on Pinterest.  I have all of the flying geese pieced, it's just a matter of putting them together.

The original inspiration is from Hoosier Toni's blog

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