Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weird Weather Walk

Took a break from finishing Celtic Solstice today to get some fresh air and exercise.

Like most places in N. America, we too have been experiencing record cold temperatures this past week.  Well, Mother Nature has decided it's time for the annual January Thaw today.  It's foggy, it's slightly misty, but Hubby and I agreed to take a walk (this is really one of the few times this month that it's been warm enough to be outside longer than a few minutes!) down to Greenwood Quiltery for the first day of their Winter Sale.

This isn't far; it's usually a 10 minute walk (just about 1 km) from our place.  Today it was absolutely treacherous! Ankle deep slush, streams of melt water, and where the sidewalks were actually clear of snow, thick ice. But we made it there and back, with each of us taking only one fall -- no injuries to report.  

The store was PACKED!  I managed to grab some fabric and get in line to check out pretty quickly.  (There had to be at minimum 60 women in that store, with two lineups for cutting, and another lineup, winding halfway up the stairs to pay!) A pair of ladies ahead of me in line recognized me as the 'shirt quilt lady' - - ah, celebrity!!!


  1. What an amazing quilt! I love how all the colors POP drawing the eye up and down and all around. I'd love to have this in my new home :-)

  2. Your solstice is terrific! Just love this pattern!