Sunday, February 28, 2010 Nova Scotia on my mind

Sailor Boy flies back to Halifax tomorrow after two weeks compassionate leave. (sigh)

We've been talking about going out to the Maritimes for a few months.  I ordered some tourism literature from the Province back in the fall, and now I'm anxious to get going on the trip!

One of the things on my "100 Things to Do Before I Die" list is to drive the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to PEI. It's eight miles long, and seems so exciting to me!  I wonder what I'll see from there! I turned into a L.M.Montgomery fan last summer (thanks to Wendy!) so I will probably just have to do the Anne of Green Gables thing.

My plan is to then ferry from PEI to Pictou (look out Denise!) and then to Halifax.  I haven't got dates yet - - I'm still considering summer school. But it will be as soon as I can swing it!  End of April?  First of May? I'm so excited!


  1. Bring warm,rain proof outer wear. We usually don't 'do Spring' here.
    It is hard to see anything from the Confederation Bridge unless you are in a SUV or truck, but it is an awesome piece of engineering.

  2. We did the reverse trip a year or so ago, and loved PEI and Nova Scotia. It was rainy and foggy one the day we crossed the bridge, though, so we could not see anything. But it is amazing to drive and drive and know that you are STILL on a bridge.

  3. I just like saying Nova Scotia.

    I also want to visit PEI simply because I enjoy the books so much. I've read the Anne series four or five times, as well as nearly every other book she wrote. However, BRIDGE?!?!! I didn't think about that. I'm not real good with big bridges (although I did manage the Mackinac Bridge twice, and it's five miles).

  4. I'll have to give you the names of my favourite Maritimes quilt stores!!!

  5. be sure to let me know when. There are a few of us here in the Bathurst area that follow your blog and would love to meet you and show you around our neck of the woods. We could plan a quilting day...our group meets Tuesdays but when it comes to quilting we are more than flexible. We even have a "little" thank you gift for you and would love to do it in person...have I got your attention yet?

  6. Oh you'll love the East Coast. We did the drive 2 summers ago and I"d love to go back!!! Be sure to have lot change for the toll on the bridge. I think it was like $28 bucks or maybe even higher to cross. You gotta drive the Cabot Trail if you get a chance.