Monday, August 8, 2011

Gibson the Cat

Good Ole Gibby!

I'm sad to say that Gibby can't come with us to Guelph.  No pets allowed in my apartment.  However, my mom has agreed to foster grandmother Gibby for a year.  Hubby and I are completely bereft about leaving our kitty behind.  I'm so grateful that mom will be taking him -- there's no question of us giving him away.  NOT HAPPENING!


  1. Gibson is adorable. He will have a wonderful year being spoiled by his Grandmother.

  2. You couldn't find an apartment that did allow pets??? Hope you do soon. Until then I hope Giddy is happy staying with Grandma.

  3. Oh, poor Gibby! You know he is going to spoiled rotten, right? That's what grandparents do.