Monday, August 22, 2011

What the??? I just GOT here!!

This is the scene I witnessed outside last night.  I only went out to get some milk so I could have breakfast in the morning, I swear!

HA!  My entire block was shut down all day yesterday to film "Total Recall" scenes.  The remake is set to be released in August 2012.  Not my kind of movie, but I will have to see it, just to see if I recognize any of my neighbourhood in "post-apocolyptic England".

I had a great weekend. Hubby came to spend the weekend with me (he brought my sewing machine, and one of my totes of sewing stuff - so I can sew now!) and we were tourists.  On the itinerary:

  • Dinner at Wimpy's Diner -- I've been smelling these ribs all week, and just waiting for the opportunity to try them!


  • Guelph Farmer's Market
  • breakfast at the Apollo 11 which is as "greasy spoon" as you can get, but hey - DH was tickled!
  • yard saling - we found some great art for the bathroom, a brand new cutting board and knife block, a dish rack, a key rack, and a grater.  Driving around Guelph helped us get oriented to out new hometown
  • off to Ikea!  I love Ikea, and it's only 25 minutes away now
  • late lunch/early supper at McCabe's. I had a chicken fajita wrap -- so good!  DH had a roasted chicken pizza.
  • back to Ikea - I had gotten the wrong lids for my garbage bins, and hey...can you beat the $1 breakfast at Ikea?
  • Aberfoyle Antiques Market - we'll be going back again and again - too much to see!
  • lunch at The Red Papaya Thai & Grill -  DH had "drunken noodles" and I had pad thai.  This was his first Thai experience, and he liked it a lot!  Never too old to broaden one's horizons, eh?
I spent the afternoon doing laundry -- wow!  I'm not a fan of apartment building laundry rooms - hot & filthy! 

I still don't have phone, internet, or cable - and I'm not hooking any of these things up until hubby is moved here full time.  I can use my cell, I can listen to CBC radio instead of listening to TV (there's nothing on anyway), and I can use the internet down here at Coco Latte steps outside of my door, as I enjoy my morning java!

This morning I'm going to be attending Landlord and Tenant hearings.  In London, there is a entire floor of an office building dedicated full time to this.  But I guess (and I haven't had a chance to figure it all out yet) it's a sort of "circuit court" sort of situation here in Guelph, where the hearings are held at a Best Western hotel!  I'm in the wild frontier here maybe?  I'm sure I'll know more about it by lunch time today.


  1. The new Superman movie is being filmed near here. I will be anxious to see familiar sites (and possibly people) when it comes out in the future. Glad you have your sewing machine now. But especially glad that your husband is able to come; been there, done that with living apart from my husband at times.

  2. Sounds like it is all slowly coming together for you.

  3. You will enjoy Aberfoyle. I found a Singer FW Centennial edition plus a 1929 Singer- paid $120 for both of them.

    DD#2 lives in Guelph so we are there every so often.

    Good Luck.

  4. Hey Nancy: Just finished catching up with your blog posts! I was on vacation in BC for a couple weeks and we've got DS's wedding in October, so I've been trying to get his quilt done. Finally blogged today too!

    Great to catch up with what you've been doing...have missed your blog! I too wonder how you got "this old" without having curry!! We love it here as well as Pad Thai. I had it at Lotus Thai and found the recipe in one of the Looneyspoons cookbooks and we made it probably once a week!

    Enjoy Guelph. Jake went to University there in the 70's and we roamed around there quite often and I also go there with a friend the Quiltery, Len's Mills and BFM right beside each other :-).

    Happy settling in!!