Monday, November 7, 2011

Bus Drivers are big jerks...just sayin'. Conversations that will make my weird family laugh.

I've been worried about my favourite street person.  I hadn't seen him around the neighbourhood for about a week.  Finally on Friday, I went up to the central bus stop, where several city buses all gather every so often to transfer passengers.  This just happens to be in my 'front yard'.  Anyway -- a couple of drivers were standing on the sidewalk, having a chin wag.  I interrupted:

ME: Excuse me.  Have you seen Carlo around lately?  I haven't seen him for awhile, and I'm starting to worry about him.
HE: Oh yeah, he's around.  I saw him last night.
ME: Oh that's good.  I work down at the legal clinic, and he's usually in front of my office window everyday.
HE: Well, it's getting colder.
ME: Oh.  Does that keep him indoors?
HE: No.  But when it gets colder, we let him drive the bus.

I saw him today - singing his lungs out next to my office window.  So, I went out to talk to him

ME: Where have you been?  I've missed you!
HE: I be right here! You dinna bringa me coffee for long time!
ME: I'll bring you a coffee when I come back from lunch.
HE: How long you gonna be?
ME: About an hour.
HE:  About an hour.  Okay!  I wait. RIGHT HERE!

Got a work story.  I work in an office with ALL women.  We can be silent all day long, nose to the keyboards, working straight through until close.  Occassionally, a strange conversation will erupt.
So, it was a lovely, fair day.  Sunshine and mild temperatures.  Not typical November weather, that's for sure.  But I slipped out this afternoon to move my car, and the skies had clouded over.

ME: Looks like it could rain.

A little while later, a volunteer comes in.

SHE: Looks like it could rain.

A few more minutes later, and a colleague comes in.

SHE: It's not gonna rain.  It's clearing up.
ME: (I start singing)

ANOTHER SHE: What's that? Fiddler on the Roof?
ME: Alice Cooper.  1971
ANOTHER SHE: I was never a big Alice Cooper fan.
ME:  I was a big Cooper fan.
ANOTHER SHE: I can't see it.
ANOTHER SHE: Me neither

ANOTHER SHE: I could totally see Nancy---outside an Alice Cooper concert... handing out clean needles, or something...

ANOTHER SHE: Yeah, doing some community outreach maybe.
ANOTHER SHE:  That sounds about right.
ME: Shut up!  I used to be cool!


  1. ROTFLMAO . . . that's all I'm gonna say . . .

  2. Enjoyed the Alice Cooper clip. I used to have a fabulous poster of him on my bedroom wall and my mum made me take it down as it scared her everytime she went into the bedroom. Keep the conversations stories coming they are funny.

  3. You know I am huge fan of those striped blocks but I never saw them look so great as yours in plaids! Nice job......hey my blog header is that quilt by Kaffe.

    Happy Sewing, don't forget to breath while saving the world!