Thursday, November 3, 2011

Early morning sewing

I was up before the crack of dawn this morning, and sewed some more blocks for Shirt Stripe Boxes - The Sequel!  I did some calculations the other day, and it looks like I'll have to make this version 50% bigger than the first version I made, which was 33% bigger than the book instructions.  Go big or go home!

I can't express how much fun it is to put these blocks together.  I don't always get the stripes perfectly matched up, and in fact, the instructions give permission to let the stripes wave a little -- but it's so exciting when they come out perfect!

Rough day at work...whew!  Glad to have my bra off, and my slippers on.  I've made myself a cup of tea, and I'm going to catch up with this week's episode of "House".

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