Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hubby is a Funny Guy

That Hubby of mine is a really funny guy.  I have to share some Hubby-isms.  (I bet you have one just like him at home!)

This morning I woke up with a bizarre thought in my head.  I was remembering a TV commercial from my childhood for a toy called "Digger the Dog".  Still lying in bed, I asked Hubby: "Do you remember a commercial from a long long long time ago for a toy called Digger the Dog?"

He immediately starts singing: "Digger the Dog -- he likes to go with you -- when you explore..."

I couldn't believe my ears!  I laughed myself silly, and jumped out of bed to check youtube and see if he had it right! 

A couple of weeks ago, I guess Hubby had had quite enough of my bad attitude.  He looked at my left wrist tattoo, which says "Strength & Purpose", and suggested: "Why don't you get "Patience & Understanding" on the other wrist?"

Last night, I was merrily sewing away on crumb blocks from all the scraps from the Shirt Stripe Boxes blocks that I've been working on.

HE: Are you still working on that same quilt?
ME: Yep  (...well, technically not -- but it was too complicated to explain that I was merely using up the scraps that "that same quilt" had given birth to)
HE: You've been working on that for awhile.
ME: Yep
HE: It's taking a long time. I would have thought you were done by now!

(sigh)  That Hubby....he's always cracking me up!


  1. I call them series, those slow same old quilts.

    mine picked up a rotery cutter one time and ran it across his palm while asking "Is this sharp" He now knows not to touch my 'tools'

  2. You must be ANCIENT!!! I have never seen nor remember such a toy from my youth. Either that or I was raised under a rock. Admittedly, it was probably the later. Miss ya lots, friend.

  3. Romper room......remember when they made toys too?
    What year do you think that commercial is from?

    Happy Sewing, yeah I've got a DH just like yours....gotta love'em