Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Itty Bitty!

Has it really been three months since I last blogged?  Yeeesh!

First, this little guy.  I happened to stop at a yard sale today -- I KNOW!  On a SUNDAY!  In SEPTEMBER!!!  He is actually an old planter, that probably held a lovely tropical plant once upon a time - but I think he's going to go to work with me and hold pencils or something.  I was happy to pay 50¢ for him.  Seems we are seeing owls EVERYWHERE these days.  I clearly remember when owls were a hot 'motif' back in the 70's - so I guess this is some proof that styles become fashionable again.  Wouldn't he be cute on a teacher's desk full of #2 HB's?

So Itty Bitty has turned 19 today.  He is back at university, already hard at work on his second year.  He's sharing a cute little house with three other boys (2 he roomed with last year, and one more who was on the same floor).  I asked him this morning if he would like us to come down to visit today for "cake & steak" - - he declined, saying he needed to "study & sleep".  Have I taught this boy nothing???  Read the glossary, and you're good!

Sailor Boy remains in Halifax.  I haven't seen him in 14 months!!!!  We Skype, and Facebook, but  it would be nice to see him for a few days.  I mention this because there is a chance that he is reading this....

Work is incredible.  And incredibly busy!  I have a couple of huge projects on the go, plus a student social worker who has recently joined us for the next 8 months, plus all of the regular stuff that keeps me hopping.

I will be taking a bit of a break next month.  My sister has organized a girly-getaway - 3 days in a cottage with 11 other women.  They will be scrapbooking - - I'll probably be doing NOTHING!  Reading novels, maybe a little cross-border shopping, and if the weather remains mild - sitting outside relaxing.  Looking forward to it!  I've taken the whole week off, so I'll have a couple of days at home too.

Ah ... I seem to remember that I used to quilt.  Haven't done that in AGES!  Of course, with Itty Bitty here for the summer, taking up my sewing room, and his computer set up on my sewing table - it wasn't exactly going to be easy to do anything too crafty.  Now that he's gone, I need to clean up the mess that's in there - it looks like a fabric bomb went off!  

I've become addicted to Pinterest recently - I really want to make one of these!

It was 'pinned' from here:  but I've now seen a couple of different ones on Pinterest.

That's about it - nothing much changes around here!


  1. Not only did you used to quilt, your quilts were always such an inspiration for me! Ah well, the tides of time and all that. Good to hear from you, though!

  2. good to hear from you friend! you will quilt again and we will all be inspired to learn from what you have to share!