Monday, September 24, 2012

What I'm reading, and What I'm swooning over

Picked this book up at a yard sale last week, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!  Can't wait to find out if the Major gets his gun and if the Major and Mrs. Ali get together...

The local quilt store is offering a "Swoon" workshop in November.  How did I never hear of SWOON?!?!?  Here is a page of Swoon inspiration.

I believe this block was made by one of the staff at Greenwood Quiltery
It was this photo in my facebook newsfeed that got me excited!


  1. I have been working on swoon. Check my blog for pictures! Six of nine blocks are done. Three more to go.

  2. Ahh! I'm swooning at such loveliness. I don't know that I dare start something else but the eye candy is gorgeous.