Saturday, November 14, 2009

BQF demands kitty pictures!

I picked up this tablecloth at a thrift store this week. It's covered with hand embroidered birds and little animals, plus a large centre scene about 15" or so across, of two colonial ladies. I plan to cut it up, and perhaps incorporate the birds into some sort of blocks. There's at least a dozen small birds, about 3" across or so?

Here are some quilting books I've recently picked up at various thrift stores over the last couple of months.

Alright Gail, here's your kitty photos:

Another kitty picture, and a couple more thrifty finds. I love the print of this shirt - what a great fabric! It kills me that it's from American Eagle Outfitters, 'cuz I'm going to cut this very expensive shirt into quilt patches! I also found a pair of vintage 100% cotton pillow cases, and a fine muslin flat sheet from Walker's - so it must be at least 35 or 40 years old.

I packed up my school stuff, and headed to the library bright and early this morning and got through a good chunk of work. I sense a dim glimmer at the end of the this tunnel.

I'm currently reading "The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs. Beeton"


  1. I hope the dryer was set to delicate...LOL

  2. Hey Nancy! That Quilter's tips books might have been one of mine that went to the thrift shop when I moved!! It looks familiar :-). Kitty is sooo cute!! And, I fondly remember Walkers...that was a great store.

  3. The books you read have such interesting titles and covers. That's half the battle in getting me to read a book. Cliched warnings aside, I am very taken by the cover of a book.