Sunday, November 22, 2009

Car Shopping

We've been looking at new cars for the last few weeks, and it's a really tough decision....makes, models, options....too much thinking!

Hubby really wanted me to get heated seats, but while I like the idea of a warm buns, particularly on cold Canadian mornings, the cost of such a luxury doesn't make sense to me - - you can't just add heated seats, you have to take a "package" which includes a bunch of nonsense that I really DON'T need, or want.

ME: You don't want heated seats; they'll just give you sweaty balls.
SALESMAN: The upholstery is stain and odour resistant.


  1. DH has heated seats in his car .... I love riding in his car at cold times. He didn't buy new so they just came with the car.

  2. Our new car has heated seats I love them , worth every penny .

  3. Too funny!! Love it...but I do love my heat buns....very nice on those Canadian days and nighs!

  4., that was a statement.
    I don't have heated seats -- not many luxuries at all in fact, but I did get a massaging, heated seat pad for c'mas last year. THAT, I love.

    Good luck in the hunt---that'll be us next Spring :0)

  5. Love it! My sister has heated seats- nice to heat the backs of my knees. As Amy said- there are heated/ massaging seat mats (about $25) that would be nice to receive as a gift. Very nice indeed!

  6. I've never sat on heated seats, but I have sat on unheated seats in an Ontario winter. The fake leather ones were the worst. Amy sounds like she has a good compromise there.

  7. I live in mild Virginia, but even I can appreciate heated seats! I just hate being cold. It is especially nice on trips when my husband gets overheated and doesn't turn the heat up where I would like it. This way, I can keep myself warm on my side of the car while he keeps himself cool on the other side.

  8. Ha ha - got to love a salesman who has all the answers!!
    Here in Oz lots of cars have sheepskin seat covers - wonderful as they are warm and cosy in winter and nice on sweaty bits in summer...
    I did see an Ikea Hack by a student who added heating to a leather (?) recliner for next to nothing. Try googling it. Maybe you can get ateenager to hack warm seats for you!