Sunday, November 8, 2009

Has it been a week???

If I thought LAST week was hell....omg.....this past week has been killer!!! By Wednesday, I was very nearly at the end of my rope, and ready to pack it all in. Thankfully, I was able to make some good contacts with 4th year students who got me calmed down, and explained that they had been through the same excruciating work load, and choking stress. I spent most of Wednesday in tears, and a good part of Thursday too...but the message I have clung to is that second semester will be better, and that I just need to duck and run to get through the end of this semester. Everyone has promised me that I will not fail out.

I have nothing quilty to share - - I have been writing essays. I have two to hand in this week, one the week after, and for the week of the 23rd? Two class presentations and a taped interview, transcript, and analysis. December...bah...just six essays within the first ten days of the month.


  1. Hang in there! The first half of the year is always the hardest....I think they try to weed out the weak! I don't know why profs do that-maybe a power thing. Just hang in there-don't let it get you down and take one day at a time. Before you know it first session will be over and it's onward and upward! You'll see! Take care!

  2. What?!? You can't stop now!!! Besides I know where you live and I'd make sure you didn't.

    Hang in there and keep your head held high. Your stronger than that.

    Smiles :)

  3. Well anything you have to work so hard to get will certainly be valued!
    You can do day at a time :0).

    Happy Sewing.....(after this semester is over)

  4. Hang in there!! How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time :-). I should talk...I hate homework LOL I know you can do it..this will all be a memory before you know it. We're rooting for ya.

    Hugs, Jacqui
    P.S. Check out my blog and see what I bought last week..that'll cheer you up! You can come over and use it too.