Friday, November 27, 2009

I swear it! I have sewn the label down

I finished Pick & Choose last night, when I put the final stitches into the label. It was guild night, and I wanted to make sure I had SOMETHING for show & tell. I stayed up way past my bedtime and sewed it down, but I took the photo BEFORE leaving for our guild meeting.

Say...what do you think of the label? I cut that table cloth up that I posted a few posts back, and used the embroidered image of a squirrel as my label. I am rather pleased with the outcome!

I wonder what I will do with my new quilt...


  1. I am loving this quilt!! And your label is adorable...fitting for this lovely quilt!

  2. I love that quilt. Are the letters embroidered on? Should it ever stress you out as to what you need to do with it... pass it on to me...LOL

  3. Gorgeous quilt...very pretty. And I love the label idea! Perfect way to give a table cloth a second life.

  4. What a clever idea for the label! And congrats for having something to show at show and tell.

  5. I love your beautiful quilt. The label was a great idea...and a great finishing touch! I am a fellow quilter living in NC. I just finished a t-shirt quilt. Do stop by for a look see!

  6. **gasp**
    that quilt is GORGEOUS!!!!
    I am so jealous and absolutely MUST make one for myself!
    *added to the list*

  7. Your Pick and Choose is just as much beautiful as the one on the cover of the magazine - only better b/c it's yours! ;) Love the creative label that you used... very clever and pretty! :)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie