Saturday, December 26, 2009

I could use some opinions...

No, I'm not wondering how to get Gibby to quit chewing on people's feet. He has so few vices, a litte toe nibbling should be allowed.

Such a nice kitty-kitty!
No, I've been working on another quilt top - (which I started about 24 hours ago!) - which is a near copy of THIS QUILT from Natalia Bonner's blog site Piece N Quilt. Take a look at the left hand column of her blog - - lots of inspiring tutorials to be found. "I'm Blushing" is featured on the Moda Bake Shop website, and definitely among my list of to-do quilts, except I think I will use Gypsy Rose rather than Blush.

So, I'm on to the applique part. I've got the flower parts in place, but I don't know whether to blind stitch the down, or use a blanket stitch - - maybe a chocolate brown thread, rather than traditional black? - - what do you think???

By the way, I used a Mary Engelbreit's Baskets of Flowers jelly roll. The applique flowers look soooooo M.E. -- and I used a 2.5" circle for the flower centres rather than 3" centres Natalia used in hers, and centred them, to make them even more M.E. like.


  1. I lean towards the blanket stitch. I think it would give it some dimention...It is lovely, I'm sure whatever you decide will be nice.

  2. Darling! I love it! I say go with a blanket stitch. I like to use brown threads but when I made this quilt I used clear thread. I'm so glad that I found your blog, and even more happy that you like my tutorial! YAY! :)

  3. I vote for blanket stitch too. I love your flowers! Nice fabric too!