Thursday, December 17, 2009

I think I like holidays

I spent the morning just puttering around in my studio, trying things out - - no real project goal in mind. I enjoyed making the Spinning Four Patch blocks last night, so I made some more this morning, and I like these even better, because there is more contrast in the blocks.

(Note to BQF Gail: I got these 14 blocks out of the extra scraps, I haven't cut into the big chunk yet. I did what you said I couldn't now we know ANOTHER trick!)
While I was surfing around yesterday, I stumbled on this tutorial to make "Crazy Four Patch blocks". I'm really sorry this photo didn't turn out so hot - - They really look kinda nice up on my wall.

I did go out this afternoon, to get groceries. But as soon as I got home, the bra came off and it was time for a NAP!

I also have six more Black & White blocks partly done (the QSTs, and HSTs) and ready to whip up together.


  1. Those spinning four patch blocks are awesome...tutorial PLEASE!!!

  2. Cool blocks!! And those crazy 4 patches...I did them a few years ago in 9 patches...those are really cool too.