Thursday, December 17, 2009

I forgot to tell you about my bra story

Two weeks ago, I picked up my new car: a '09 Dodge Caliber in Sunburst Orange. The same day I picked it up, I drove past a sign that said "Yes! We have to the Oprah Bra!" if you have no idea what the Oprah bra is : Here's a link! She did a show all about her favourite bra, and bra fitting make-overs.

Of course, I pulled right in, because there is nothing I hate more in this world than brassieres, but if OPRAH says it's good, it must be good.

I tried on a couple, with the help of a "certified bra fitter" - but the Oprah bra didn't work for me. I kind of fell between cup sizes - one was too small, and the next had big gaps. So the CBF handed me another type of bra and told me to try it, although it wasn't Oprah certified.

It was LOVELY! It fit beautifully, and felt so comfortable. I asked the CBF if she had any more like that one, because I'd like to take a couple. She said no, but would be happy to order a few more for me. I told her I'd try this one out, and call if I wanted her to go to the trouble of ordering more.

Fully dressed, and out to the desk to pay for my purchase, I didn't even blink (let alone laugh in her face, or FAINT!!!) when she said: "That will be $145." I acted like I bought a $145 bra every day of my life.

Later that night, I was at a Christmas party with the staff from the nursing home where I used to work, and I took a few outside to look at my new car. On our way back, I told them all about my new bra.

One girl (after she quit laughing at me) said: "Oh my gosh! You must have won the lottery! How could you afford a new car, AND a $145 bra?!?!?"

ME: I'm making payments on the BRA!


  1. This is a great story! Thanks for the smile!
    Can you email me about your 7 shirt pattern...I have a question for you...

  2. Oh that is too good! I'm still laughing! I have watched those CBF's at work on What Not to Wear and would love to give it a go....but I just can't bring myself to spend all that do-re-mi!!

  3. 145.00 wow that must be some bra LOL .We also bought a 2009 Caliber RT a few months ago .Hope you enjoy yours .

  4. Too funny!........but hey at least the girls have a good home ;-)

  5. Wow! A new car AND a new bra! But you got hosed on the bra. I'm big, and have depended on CBF's for years, and I have yet to pay that much for a bra! These days? Around $25-30. But, in my size, all they have are tanks, nothing pretty!

  6. Well Merry Christmas to you and your "girls"....yeah I bet she did want to order you a few more! Now what would you have done if she had had the 3 or 4 more you wanted!

    safe travels in your new car too..........

    Thanks for the laugh :0)
    Happy sewing

  7. I'd have stripped it off right there and handed it back. Are you serious!?!

  8. WoW! Good thing she only had the one.I'd have to learn to may my own at that price. lol.

  9. ok, so now I have to know what brand the $145 bra is - surely there is a link for it too!!!

    My dad got taken for a ride once like you are talking about infront of a bunch of his coworker (truckdrivers) and didn't let on like he was about to swallow his tounge - and after that when they teased him... he'd say, if you have to "ASK" the price of it boys, then you simply can't afford it...

    I'm curious as to what this bra looks like b/c I'm still looking for the jsut right fit too - last Feb I had a reduction and would love to go somewhere that had a CBF.

    Love from KY! ~bonnie