Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Three more blocks, and a "green" tip

Three more blocks for my Black & White quilt sewn this morning. I'm liking this holidays thing!!!

I also wanted to share this "green" tip - - sort of an alternate to the Leaders & Enders a la Bonnie Hunter process. I've posted this before, on my old blog, so if it looks familiar....no....neither of us is losing our minds. Yes, it's BOOKMARKS made from scraps and used dryer sheets.

Save used dryer sheets, press, and fold them in half lengthwise, and press again. Sew scraps of fabrics to the dryer sheet foundation. When covered, trim to about 3" by 9". I have a lot of black and white ones right now, because I'm using the bits and strips from the Black & White blocks, as I cut the pieces.

The advantage to this is, you don't have to measure scraps, just randomly add them. And it doesn't take long to finish one, and you may soon have a whole stack of them to give as gifts, or donate to a church bazaar.
I'm also thinking, that if you pressed two dryer sheets together, and cut about a 5" square and used that as a foundation, you could make a set of matching coasters in no time. Hmmm....


  1. Thanks! Always good to get something for "free".

  2. I'm thrilled that you are on holiday, too, because I miss seeing your quilty creations!