Tuesday, March 16, 2010

IKEA - - start the car!!!

It's March Break for some people - - sort of including me, because the school where I am doing my practicum is on March Break, but the school where I go to school?  No March Break.

Anyway, everyone at this house had yesterday off, so we decided to go on a road trip to Burlington to visit Ikea.  Neither Hubby nor Itty Bitty had been there before, so it was an adventure.

Itty Bitty and I lost Hubby at one point, and decided to "test" out the mattresses.  We flopped onto a firm Queen sized model.

ITTY BITTY: Yeah. I'm staying right here.
ME: Yeah?
ITTY BITTY: See that sign?  Says I can sleep on this mattress for 90 Days.

No crazy purchases.  Although Itty Bitty did buy a new table named Dave.  That cracks me up.


  1. Oh Ikea....so wonderful, and if it wasn't Scandinavian I'd have to say evil... lol

  2. Hey, we were at IKEA today :-)!! The one in Toronto on Queensway. We didn't buy anything, but had fun looking. I do love that store.