Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sewing Sunday Morning

Good Morning Gibby Kitty!

Doesn't he look terrified?  He's fallen in love with a shirt that I bought at a church rummage sale yesterday.  We were quite worried that he'd suffocate inside the plastic bag it was stored in, he simply could NOT get enough of this stupid shirt, so we wrapped him in the shirt, and oh my!  THE LOUDEST purring ever.  What a weird cat.

Up an at 'em early this morning.  I finished six more blocks for my Black & Bright quilt.  It's now coming off the design wall for the time being.  And I've pieced an uncountable number of HSTs for the border of my Black & White quilt.  So, it's going back up on the wall, so I can figure out what my intentions are with the border.


  1. Those brights look so wonderful! How could that quilt not make you happy??

  2. That quilt makes me smile every time I see it!