Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've been sewing!

In honour of (inter)National Quilting Day, I decided I'd better sew something! I made six more blocks for my Black & Bright quilt. I only have six more 'brights', so this project will soon be on hold until I stumble on some more brightly coloured nickels - - I don't want to repeat any fabric. I also pieced some 3" units for my Black & White quilt, but that wasn't exciting enough to take a photo...

What I AM excited about is the two new books I got last night!  BQF Gail did a bulk order for a few of us in the local quilting group for the latest Bonnie Hunter book "Adventures with Leaders & Enders".  Since I didn't have the first book "Scraps & Shirttails" I asked her to order that for me as well.  I am so excited, because I'm a huge Bonnie Hunter fan, and I love scrappy quilts.

There was a rummage sale at the Presbyterian church a block up the street this morning - - I was there bright and early and snagged four shirts to 'repurpose' a la Bonnie.  I think my favourite quilt in either book is Virginia Bound. 

I intend to do some more sewing this week - - I have a couple of sewing 'dates' on my calendar! Even just the little bit I did today makes me feel more like "me".  It's the creative time that I carve out for myself that I was missing these past couple of months.  I really should put this important item on my 'to-do' list.


  1. glad to see that you are getting a little time on the machine. I am really loving this top you are working on. Looks great. I am trying to get a couple of quilts cut and in the blocks stage, might be summer before I get time to set together.- keep having fun cw

  2. That quilt is looking great Nancy. How big are nickels again? You can check out my stash on Monday night for some more brights. You're welcome to cut a square out of them if they aren't designated for something else :-). I'll let you know which ones you can have LOL.

  3. Viginia Bound is my favorite in her books, too! I've even started one, even though it has been on hold for a while. It is funny, I thought about pulling it out today. In her new book, Mad City Mama is my favorite. I see something like that coming out of my sewing studio sometime in the future. Enjoy those books - I love them. Oh, and we've booked Bonnie Hunter for our quilt guild workshop in Feb 2011. I've already asked for that day off from work! :)