Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Update - a little of this and that

In keeping with my new goal of completing 9 UFO's this year, I dropped Shirt Stripe Boxes off to Mr. Quiltman on Monday evening.  Since then, I've been piecing the borders for my Black & White Quilt.  I got the pieced border on tonight, and now I don't know what to do.  It's only 70x70.  Too big for a lap quilt?  Too small for a bed quilt??  What do you think I should do???

Two more weeks of school left!  Next weekend (the long four day Easter weekend) will be filled with assignments to be handed in. 

Gotta tell's been a sad week.  My friend lost her husband last Saturday, and while I've tried to be supportive for her, I feel AWFUL!!!  I suppose it's got to be the accumulation of lots of stressors and losses since the New Year, but truthfully?  I am terribly depressed. I find myself thinking about my friend all the time; getting choked up and misty eyed. 

I'm just going to power through the next couple of weeks, and then I can take some time and get some perspective on everything I've experienced these past two or three months. It's been challenging - between my ill health in Feb, the death of my ex-husband, Sailor Boy moving to the Maritimes, and now my friend's husband's death, not to mention the rapid-fire trauma of a high-school guidance department - - so many crises, two student deaths in three weeks,  horrible stories, and frustrated efforts to be helpful. It ain't easy, particularly when all I really want to do is snatch up some of these kids and bring them home with me!!! 

Hubby and I took a day off to ourselves today.  We went to Komoka first, to a Nostalgia Show.  That was fun.  I saw a couple of things I would have liked to have brought home with me, but oh my! the prices!!!  OUCH!  Still, it was fun to browse around.  Then we had lunch at the Little Beaver in Komoka and then off we went to the Spring Gardening Show at Canadale Nurseries.  The local hospital was having a fundraiser there with an old time "penny sale". I bought $5 in tickets, and put a lot of them into the draws for some lovely pieces of stained glass and garden ornaments.  No calls yet, so I guess I haven't won! SHUCKS!! But it was fun to see all the spring flowers, and interesting items.

We sat down tonight and made up our "to-do" lists for the week.  Itty Bitty and I are completely swamped.  Not one extra thing can be squeezed into our tightly scheduled calenders.  But we HAVE to get our passport photos done this week - - ugh!!!  I want to come home from Nova Scotia through the States next month (I'd love to see Portland,ME again!) so we need to have passports.


  1. I think I'd just put a small, last black border on it. I like it as it is. Truly. It seems like you had some good medicine today. I don't know if you've had sunshine, but that is also an essential. Take comfort in your husband and your sewing. Your quilt is wonderful.

  2. Oh my, it has been a rough couple of months. Keep your chin up and continue to smile...brighter days are on the horizon.

  3. Oh, so sorry things have been so rough for you. You need to snuggle up in one of your own creations and take some time for yourself (I know, no time for that now). I'll be thinking of you. And I've got a bed that quilt will fit as is, if you don't want to do any more to it. :)

  4. Don't know how I missed this post. I love to offer advice: Give it to me. It is perfect as a snuggle under quilt. add your favorite color as the binding to finish it off. this looks great. I am a fan of the size too. cw

  5. hiya,
    you have had a rough first quarter of the year. hang in there kiddo! add 5 in border on quilt. this will make it 80 x80, more than a twin, just under a double. plenty of room for 2 (wink-wink) (mauh) Liz

  6. It definitely has been a rough start for 2010. Here's hoping that your trip will give you the rest and regeneration that you need! The quilt is beautiful...and will be beautiful if you leave it as is or add another border. You do great work.

  7. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the black and white quilt. but how about putting on a few more borders until you get it to the size you and white nine and white letters spelling out and white stripes making a linear rail fence....go for it.

    sorry about your depression but it sounds like grieving to friend recently became a widow and I can't help but feel badly for her but also panic at the thought it could happen to me......I adore my husband!

    Be good to yourself and your friend too and support each other through this unthinkable time.

    Be gentle to your heart.

  8. Okay now I can see it.....another black border maybe larger than the last one and more flying geese...maybe larger in size and going the opposite direction of the last border of geese?

    Its a great looking quilt!

    Happy Sewing