Monday, April 19, 2010

a little about what I've been up to...

I started this applique block about two weeks ago.  It's from a book that I bought last February when I was visiting Ottawa, (Seasons Sampler) and the quilt on the front cover has nine different blocks with a Folk Art/Baltimore Album fusion thing going on.  I've just about got the second block done.  It's my "handwork in bed" project.  I'm using stash from my CW repros.

I also began piecing "Virginia Bound" from "Scraps & Shirttails".  I've got 30 of the 80 'sub'blocks completed.  It's a fun project.  Lots of mindless sewing, because I'm paper-piecing each block. Bonnie Hunter recently blogged about teaching "Virginia Bound" and there's a slide show of the different blocks her students created.  Worth a look!

QNIC with Gail tonight.  I wonder who else will show up?


  1. Very cool! I want to get back to my Virginia Bound at some point. I'm doing it without a foundation, though - didn't want to have to pull all of that paper out. On the slideshow, I just love that black and white one with the green.

  2. Love that Nancy! I'm really hoping I can get together with you guys soon, but the next week or two are total write offs for me and then Gail's away! When she's back from her trip, we hope to start on our braid quilt together. We have the fabrics picked out so we're good to go. Enjoy that vacation. And, hope to see you very soon! Are you going to the meeting Thursday? See you then!!