Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's today....Thursday?

As promised, Block #3 of my Baltimore Folk Fusion is completed.  I wish I had used a darker colour for the cat, but it's done.

I also finished the binding on my Shirt-Stripes Boxes quilt.  I'll take a photo tonight, when my 'crew' is here to help, and post it tomorrow. I can't express how please I am with the final product.  It's wonderful!

And finally, I got 10 more blocks completed for Virginia Bound.  I'm now at 68, leaving 22 to go, and guess what?  I have those 22 blocks partially done.  I might be able to finish those this morning, and start assembly!  Very exciting!!!

Oooh!  And I just checked the weather forecast for today.  Lookin' good!  Might actually be able to get back outside again - - it's been a wee bit chilly for the past week.  Tomorrow appears to be PERFECT for outdoor relaxing--a high of 24!


  1. I love the block. It's very cute.
    I'm sooo ready for the warm weather too.

  2. Lovely block!! I like the cat..I think it works. A dark one would have been too predictable.