Thursday, April 29, 2010

You're sure it's Thursday?

With the help of good ole Gibson (aka: Gibby Kitty) ...

...(he always looks mad, doesn't he?) I WAS able to get all 80 of my Virginia Bound blocks done, and even sewn into pairs!

Here's my first of the nine quilts I intend to finish this year (perhaps this summer???)


  1. I love this quilt! Your quilt holder is doing a great job too! You will have to show me how to do these blocks.

  2. Just wonderful!!! What a fantastic piece...and lots of help from ole kitty kat too!! lol...Debb

  3. 9 in a summer? Really? I hope many of those are already begun...I was actually hoping to finish one or two this summer, but perhaps I'm setting my sights too low. Good luck, and great quilt!