Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Sundays are perfect for sewing -- & Yesterday's Yard Sales

Don't you think rainy Sundays are just perfect for sewing?  So far this morning, I have tidied up my sewing studio -- I had been to Gail's for QNIC last night, so my machine and projects were still in the car, optimal time for wiping down tables, putting fabric away, etc.

Then I prepped my 3rd block for my Baltimore Folk Fusion quilt. Here's a pic of the quilt.  Bear in mind that I copied the patterns at 200% so my blocks are 15" instead of 8", as in the photo.

Next, I prepped some of the applique for a table runner that I started at QNIC last night (because I need to start new projects!)  It's shown on the left side of the cover of this book.  It's the runner with the flower basket on either end.

And, just in case I run out of things to do, I also started a little lunchbag from this pattern (top, right hand corner).  I'm using Moda "Dandelion Girl" fabrics for it.

Yesterday, Hubby and I travelled about an hour west of here to Petrolia to take in their town-wide yard sale.  I tried to keep my purchases to a minimum, because I'd like to start taking things OUT, rather than bringing things IN to this house. 

Best purchase of the day?  I new umbrella for our patio table.  It's HUGE, and rectangular (like our table), and was brand new with the tags still attached -- $20. As usual, I found a few cotton shirts to repurpose, and some vintage hand embroidered linens.

Most exciting purchase was a cardboard box marked "Cotton Quilt Patches", full of vintage feedsack scraps.  I paid a whole quarter for it, and when I sorted through it last night, I found a pretty little thimble, and a mysterious paper bag.  Inside the paper bag was two of the most delicate and beautiful baby dresses.  Unfortunately, they are badly stained from the paper, but I think I'll try to launder them gently, and see what happens. At another house, I purchase a ziploc bag of sewing notions for another quarter, and inside I see two thimbles and an old, old pair of scissors.  I haven't sorted through that bag yet.  I'll have to post photos later.


  1. Ooooo.... those are both terrific buys! Show pics, 'kay?

  2. Hi Nancy, I really like the Baltimore Folk Fusion quilt! I can't wait to see it finished! We had a rainy Sunday yesterday here in Sydney too! It feels amazing sewing while its raining outside doesn't it? Sam xox

  3. SCORE!! You just NEVER know what you are going to find GSing!! I'd say you did VERY well!!