Saturday, November 10, 2012

A long weekend...

Try not to hate me too much - but I have a long weekend.  Because Remembrance Day falls on a Sunday this year, the office had the option of closing on Monday, or saving the stat  to be used at a later time.  We voted for a long weekend.

I woke up waaaay too early this morning - 4 a.m.  Nothing on TV.  Today's Grandmother's Choice BOW hadn't been posted yet.  So, I pieced together a random block that I "stole" from the Civil War BOW blog - just in case I really don't want to do this week's block (I'm such a cheater!) and put together a few more Cranberry Garland blocks.

On Tuesday, I visited another "new to me" Quilt Shop: Undercover Quilts & More in Fergus.  I chose a half dozen fat quarters to fill out my black/red/neutral repros selection as I continue to work on Grandmother's Choice.

I'm thinking about making a drive down to Ancaster today to visit The Quilt Rack - a shop I've heard so much about from quilty friend Jacqui who used to work there. 


  1. Love this block! Well done. Where did you find the pattern?
    Enjoy the long weekend.

  2. Say 'hi' to Lucy if you make it to the Quilt Rack one of these days :-). I managed to pop in there in June when I went to the Hamilton quilt show. Need to get there for a longer visit one of these days!!

    I was at the Fergus Quilt shop in July on our way up North on was part of the Ontario Shop hop. Enjoyed going there :-).

    I also discovered a new to me Quilt shop in Worth stopping there! I found some lovely stuff there, right up my alley!!