Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cranberry Garland

Just in case you think all I do is stitch together one or two blocks together every week, I thought I'd share a peek of what I'm doing in between.  I'm afraid that I don't have a big design wall anymore, now that we're in an apartment -- just a closet door wrapped in flannel.  

This pattern came from a 2001 quilt magazine, and it's called "Cranberry Garland".  I kitted up this full sized quilt several years ago, cutting up all of my red and neutral scraps.


  1. Oh boy, a winner in my eyes. Love me some red and neutral quilts. I just posted one on my blog last week. There is something so eye catching about red and white quilts. Will yours be a bed sized quilt?

  2. Wow!! I love this pattern...and it's a HST and a four patch!! SEW darn effective!! Are the blocks about 3 1/2" :o)?