Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little Boys Breeches - and a weekend of fun shaping up

Yeah, it wasn't easy.  A million Y-seams, and bias edges.  It is faaaaaaar from perfect, but I tried my very best. I drafted the block myself, rather than depend on the inconsistencies of printing the pattern. I hand basted the pieces together before sewing them by machine. And I had to press it VERY carefully in order to get the right sized block.  But I did it.  Little Boys Breeches

Earlier this week I finished piecing together all thirty blocks of Cranberry Garland.   

Hubby and I went to a nearby restaurant last night. The Albion Hotel dates back to 1867, and on Friday nights it's free mussels and $5 hamburgers!!  I'd never tried a mussel in my life, but took the opportunity to sample a couple of varieties.  

Today we went out to do a little shopping.  My vegetable peeler had gone missing!  So the goal was to find a new one.  Just up and around the corner we stopped in at The Casual Gourmet.  Hubby was practically giddy when he saw the sign on the door that they were offering free sharpening of Henckels knives.  We went back home, grabbed his knives, and back the store for a tune up.  I must say, that the lady who was doing the sharpening was quite alarmed at the condition of the one which happens to be MY favourite knife.  Hubby told her that he thinks I open beer bottles with it. 

It's a fun little store to browse around in -- if you're in the area, you should pop in.  I saw lots of cute things today, but only bought a new peeler and some dishcloths. 

We stopped in at a few other places: I found a terrific sale on new fleece sheets at Budds, and returned my library books.

While wandering around downtown, we saw a sign at Molly Bloom's: "Breakfast All Day $3.99" and decided to go in.  Although it's practically on our front door step, neither one of us had ever been in.  Oh my word...I don't believe I've ever had a WORSE breakfast served up to me, but LAUGH!! We were howling!  The worst was the "scrambled" eggs.  Absolutely inedible - - it looked like the dishwasher 'chef' had been practising perfecting an over-easy egg, and broke five yolks one after another, and shoved them aside on the grill until someone ordered scrambled.  And there was a TON of them - - at least five or six eggs, all browned from sitting in burnt oil on a dirty grill top.  

I arranged them in a large frowning face, added ketchup tears, and giggled my idiot head off.  When the waitress came to clear our plates, we wouldn't let her apologize - - it was just too funny.  She took the plate back to the cook, who came out to apologize, and asked how he could improve on scrambled eggs.  I burst out laughing and said "scramble them". Both the waitress and the cook had a good laugh with us. On an ordinary day, I would have been a lot more indignant - but it was just part of the very good time we are having this weekend. 

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  1. Before I read your post I was trying to see how you put the britches block together. I was certain it must have been made from squares. When I couldn't see seams, I began reading your post. Whew! It looks like a HARD block! I think you did an impressive job with the seams.

    I really like your Cranberry Garland blocks. I always love to see simple blocks (half-square triangles and 4-patches) become complex arrangements. I hope you'll post the finished quilt!