Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sit Still, Gibby!

If you're going to have your photograph taken Gibson, you must sit still!  

I finished piecing together the blocks of "Cranberry Garland, and put on a narrow border.  It needs one more wider border, and then I think it's ready to become a quilt.  What is it about cats and cameras?  I swear, as soon as Gibby hears me touch the 'on' switch, he's hamming it up.


  1. The same thing happens with my dogs!! They move just before you push the button!! Love your quilt...just beautiful!! Looks wonderful on your bed!

  2. LOL, as soon as I lay a quilt on the bed to take a picture with no cats anywhere in site, by the time I click the photo they are all on the bed! Where do they come from???

  3. great quilt! this has been on my to do list can't seem to get in the mood to sew. maybe once the weather gets colder around here!