Friday, July 5, 2013

I made another thing!

I recently saw on Marie Bostwick's facebook page a picture of a little pouch she had made to hold her mp3 player.  As soon as I saw it, I 'shared' it on my page, to save the inspiration.  Sailor Boy's gf commented on it, saying she needed one too!  So here's what I've come up with.  

 I made this to the measurements of her piece of technology, but this is my iPod inside it.

Instead of heading to the fabric store to find the hardware, I just went downstairs to the Dollar Store, and picked up a lanyard and a key chain, and Frankensteined the metal parts.

I am making another one now, to see if I can perfect the technique.  The second one, I increased the width of the 'lanyard' piece by half an inch.  I'll be sizing this next one for my own iPod.  It's nearly done, but I need some more hardware.


  1. How cool. I love this and love your ingenious solution for hardware! Gotta love the $ shops!

  2. The Dollar Store is a treasure trove for hardware; I have done just what you suggested. And between you and I, I like your version compared to the inspiration. I am thinking a wider strap might be more comfortable around the neck?

  3. I've picked up a few backpacks, $1, from thrift stores just to harvest the hardware. Love your phone holder with a place for the earphones too.