Monday, July 29, 2013

If I work fast....this could be a July finish!

I spent last evening making a mile of binding for my Sailor Boy's quilt, and the morning sewing it to the front.  If I work really fast hand stitching the binding down to the back, I could count this as a finish for this month.

Remember what it looks like?

I'm on holidays this week.  No big plans - we're having a 'staycation' in order to accommodate some appointments, chores and to-do's.  I would like to play with some ideas for small projects that I've 'pinned' on Pinterest though!  


  1. sailor boy s a lucky fella! nice quilt! Enjoy the stay-cation

  2. Keep on quilting on! You can get that Sailor Boy bound by Wednesday. Sure is a fine looking fella' in uniform!