Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend work

Aunt Mary's Favourite is the latest Grandmother's Choice BOW. Only four more to go!

Next, I completed a couple more Dear Jane blocks, and started on a third. These are getting harder and harder!  I am just going to have to suck it up and plough through the remaining blocks.  Unfortunately, I left the most complicated blocks for the very end.  

I made a total of three iPod/iPhone/mp3 player thingies this weekend.

On Friday, Hubby and I made a trip 'home' - I had a doctor's appointment. A trip home means a stop into the local fabric store, where they sell ziploc baggies full of fabric samples for a dollar.  I always pick up some to add some colour and texture to my stash for next to nothing.  Here's a selection of some of the fabrics that I liked the best:


  1. What a great idea to sell fabric samples, who could resist? I love the iPod pouches, so cute :) thanks for linking up!

  2. I'd love to follow your blog, but I'm hoping that you'll be so kind as to add a new gadget, "Follow you with inbox" and then I can follow you. I'm out in BC, I follow the Kitchener Quilter and thought it would be cool to follow your very interesting blog.
    Let me know, carli the quilter (at) g mail (dot) com