Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm going to SKATE!

Yes - Canadian, born and bred.  Never been on ice skates before.  I have to blame my mother.  (It's always the mother's fault - right Mom?).  Well, I got fitted with some hockey skates last night, and I'm going to just do it!  

The young man at the sports equipment store gave me some advice for learning: "it's step-step-glide -- that's how the little four-year-olds learn".

Two blocks from our apartment, City Hall has a beautifully maintained public ice rink.

In the summer, it's a splash pad (hence the big silver trumpet-y thingies.

I hope I don't do myself any permanent injury!


  1. I, too, hope you don't have any injuries! When you get the hang of the step-step-glide, you'll love skating. Such a feeling of freedom as you glide across the ice! I made sure all three of my kids learned how to skate when they were little and they loved it.

  2. Some advice: Unless they have those walker looking things to hold onto while you skate, I wouldn't start on that rink. Go to an arena where you can hang onto the boards, until you get comfortable on the skates. (Or better yet, see if you can find a rink with the walker looking things - we have them here at the speedskating oval, which is open for public skating quite regularly.)

  3. I'm amazed that you have never skated before--being from Canada, and all! We used to skate on a frozen swamp near our house--not the best ice for skating. I doubt that I could balance on a blade anymore, so I've taken up snow shoeing this winter and have found that it is really fun! Be careful!