Monday, February 24, 2014

Connections - A Quilty Story

Hang on for a long and meandering, connect-the-dots, sort of story.

So yesterday, I saw this post on Pat Sloan's blog

And I quote: 
"I'm inspired by Joan Ford's method of cutting scraps and her thought that when the bins are FULL.. MAKE A QUILT! Check out her Scrap books at this link. ScrapTherapy® Cut the Scraps!: 7 Steps to Quilting Your Way through Your Stash"

Of course, I'm immediately asking myself, who is this Joan Ford? What is ScrapTherapy®? I swiftly put this book in my online shopping cart at Chapters-Indigo (but didn't "check out" because I was just too lazy to get up and find my credit card) as well as a 2nd book: "Scraps Plus One".

Today, I stopped at Walmart on my way home from a brutal day of outreach in the northern end of my catchment area (it was mostly the DRIVE that was brutal, not my clients) to get some cereal and Greek yogurt (love that stuff! why is it sooooo expensive?).

I noticed this magazine on the rack, priced at $8.99 (I think it is $6.99 US):

Now, here's an interesting fact:  two of the projects on the front of the magazine are also in "Scraps Plus One" as well as FIVE OTHER projects from that same book.  The Seven Steps to Scrap Success is also discussed in the magazine. 

I'm completely stunned that I had never heard of this quilter, considering how dear the scrappy life is to me!  If  Joan Ford is a new name to you as well, here's the scoop:

The moral of the story is...wait, there is no moral.  I'm probably going to order those two books anyway, as soon as I get off my lazy ass and find my credit card.


  1. Have fun with the scrap system! Whenever I finish a project I cut my scraps down to the sizes I use and then put them away. When the bins get full, it's scrap quilt time!

    And make your own Greek yogurt. Find one of these and it it so easy:

    Have fun with that too!

  2. She explains the math behind her system in book one. The quilts are nicer in book one in my opinion.

  3. Hi there, fellow Canadian!!!
    I have both of Joan's books, but I have to say that her first one in my favourite!
    I just found you…how do I follow you?
    Quilty Huggs,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows