Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some Sunday Stitching and Stash

I'm completed the blocks for "Love Blooms Here" (Parts 1 & 2) so this Sunday, I'm working on an old UFO.  It's a table runner, and on each end is a basket of flowers.  I've appliqued the flowers on one end this week, and today, I'll start on the other end.
For the first weekend in a long while (since Christmas I think!) we finally have had some decent weather, so Hubby and I decided to make a trip home to see some family.  While we were there, I stopped at Baskins Fabrics to feed my need for fabric.  I was delighted to find that they had three huge baskets full of baggies of fabrics at $1 each.  Here's a small selection of a few I added to my stash.
Fleurs de lis, chandeliers, and chairs.  I love these colours.
Ordinarily, I would never buy batiks, but I noticed right away that the print (below) were of Fiestaware, then I noticed coffee pots and mixers - and thought these were so unusual and delightful, I could find a place for them.  Each piece is about 24" x 10, and I got doubles of some of the colourways. 

This fabric below is very sweet.  I might cover some notebooks and give them to other social workers I work with in the community.


  1. My Quiltmaker magazine just arrived yesterday. I can now get started on the second part. Your blocks are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What great blocks. Love your fabric choices - lucky you to hit such a sale.

  3. I'm not a batik person either, but then again I have never seen batiks with such nifty prints! How modern. I especially love the "tail model" helping show off your wares ; )

  4. I too am not one for batiks, but I love the chandeliers and chairs. Thanks for linking up. Does you cat often photobomb??

    1. Oh yeah! He's a total ham. As soon as he hears the camera turn on, he's showing off his best side!

  5. I am using the basket block from Quiltmaker as my medallion for my hexie project. I think I may change the hearts into flowers and add a few butterflies and maybe some bees. I love the table runner such a cute basket. You did great with choosing fabrics I especially love the last pic and that chair fabric.

  6. Beautiful applique works. So lucky of you for finding great fabrics at $1. Have a beautiful week.Hugs

  7. You are making quick finishes with your applique blocks!
    Lovely fabric purchases!