Saturday, August 3, 2013

We’re stitched together! for Lac Mégantic

I often listen to CBC Radio in my sewing room while I quilt. Over the last month, since the tragic train derailment in Lac Mégantic, I have listened with sadness and anger with each news update.  My heart goes out to the little town.  I was so pleased to learn this morning that I can do a very small thing to help demonstrate that I am thinking of the people, and want to show that I honour both their losses as they grieve, and their resilience as they recover.


  1. I love that the plea for quilters and sewers to make some flags for Lac-Megantic is spreading!!! I have already sent 4 flags and today have made 5 more!! The deadline date is Aug 24 and soon after the people of Lac-Megantic will see all the flags of support!

  2. Thank you so much Nancy for posting this information!
    I look forward to seeing you flags arrive!