Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Sleepy Slightly Stormy Saturday Sew-In - Swapping Shirt Sections

I finished the applique block from last Sunday, and I'm getting another one ready for tomorrow.

But today is about getting two more backs pieced.  This time, I'm using thrifted shirts.  Goodwill had a 50% off sale on Monday, and I loaded up on some stash.

Now, I had a thought - - would anyone else who is a thrifted shirt quilter be interested in swapping 1 front & 1 sleeve, for the same, in order to mix up the old stash a bit?  If you would - just leave a comment, and I'll email you back privately to make arrangements. Better have rules, eh?  The shirt must be quilting quality, 100% cotton (flat cotton - not woven or flannel), man's size, and long sleeved.


  1. I was thinking the other day that a whole shirt is sometimes too much fabric when what one really wants is a little for a lot of variety. I'm interested in exchanging but I'm not sure I have/use the kinds of shirts you use.

  2. I would be interested in a swap! I have been hoarding, um I mean collecting, mens shirts for a while but have yet to cut into a single one. I found your blog while searching ideas for quilts from mens shirts and have been following your site for a few months now. I am not sure what you mean about flat vs. woven but I only buy 100% cotton (not flannel) and they have to "feel" like a decent quality fabric and sturdy yet soft if that makes sense. I live in BC. Drop me a line if you are still keen on a swap. Lisa (

  3. Love the fabric you have used for your beehive. Great idea to swap portions of shirts.