Sunday, September 15, 2013

Solved "the cat problem"

Gibson is a "helper".  He likes to be on top of whatever I'm doing - and I mean this quite literally.  He likes to be ON TOP of whatever I'm doing.  I was doing some cutting the other evening with my big 6"x 24" ruler, and accidentally poked Gibby in his fatness with the corner of my ruler.  He immediately bit a rather large furrow into the palm of my hand in retaliation.  

For the record, this isn't unusual behaviour for Gibby-doo.  He's a biter.  And I've often been bit whilst at my cutting or sewing table if I nudge, poke, or otherwise jostle him.

I took up my spray bottle (which I keep on hand to spritz when pressing fabric) and gave him a shot or three of water.  He hasn't been atop-table since.  But he still likes to hang out.  Here he is on Itty Bitty's unmade bed (who returned to university last week) keeping an eye on things.

I have spent much of the week piecing the back of another quilt.  This photo shows a back - folded in half - all in country blues.  I wish I could take a photo of the whole thing, but I don't have enough hands to help me anymore.

The reason I'm working on all of these backings is because I'm on a push to finish a stack of quilts.  You see, I was invited to present at the local quilt guild for the December meeting, the theme being thrifty quilting (which I do consider myself quite an expert, if I do say so myself!). I took three to my long arm quilter on Monday, and have another three to take over to her yet.