Sunday, September 29, 2013

Slow Sunday Stitching & Sunday Stash

Tonight's project is to hand stitch down the binding on on this quilt.
I bought this wooden tray at Goodwill for $4.  It has two drawers in the front.  Gibson loves it - - it contains all of his furriness quite snugly.
I fell in serious like with the Michael MIller kitty print fabric when I was out shopping yesterday.  The French General solid (sorta) is a much better match than this photos shows.  I have no plans for this - but it was cute, it was on sale .... so I got two metres.  I'll make something cute out of it someday.


  1. I love the kitty print. What a great find.

  2. What a perfect project to enjoy on a lovely fall day! Hope your stitching was as relaxing as the photo looks! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Nancy, I like all three of these items. Your shirt quilt turned out really nice, I would kill for a tray like your's (with drawers even!), and of course, I love kitty fabric. I'm glad your're back on the blog--I've missed your humor.