Sunday, September 29, 2013

While I was out and about in Waterloo...

Still having several hours to kill while Hubby was at work, there was no need to come straight home after the quilt show.  I needed a fabric to finish the piecing of "Plaid Obsession" - so it was off to Elmira and the Quilter's Nine Patch.

While in Elmira, I FINALLY found:

I admire everything about this thrift store.  Try to picture everything you imagine about the Old Order Mennonite way of life - and apply it to everything you know about thrift stores.  Neat as a pin, organized into categories, visible signage, large coloured price tags, appropriately priced, quiet.  When I walked in, a sign indicated that all  red and orange tagged items were half price.  It seems that this building may have been a restaurant at one time - because there were a number of "rooms".  When I got to the books - which I thought were a smidge more than I like to pay for second hand books - I happily saw a bin with a sign clearly stating that books with green tags were 50 cents.  Perfect!  Magazines for a quarter. Yes!  I also bought some plates, brand new with the original price tag still attached - $1 each.

I didn't think I'd find any quilting treasures, since the Mennonites of Waterloo County are famous for their quilts - but look what I did spy:

No - I didn't buy one - but it was good to know where I can find some denim patches, in case I do want to make a comforter one day.  You can sort of see there are some quilts folded on the shelves below - - about a dozen or so, but I didn't examine them closely.

Heading home, I realized that I was just a stone's throw from St. Jacobs - so I stopped in at Reichard's. I was surprised to see that they are closing! 

All fabric from the bolt with a .5m min cut 35% off
All panels and pre-cut fat quarters are 35% off
All books, patterns and notions 15% off
Store Samples 25-40% off
All store fixtures are for sale. 

I did buy a little fabric. The selection was still very good - so I would recommend to any bargain hunters who have a quilt project in mind, or perhaps need to purchase backing fabric - make the trip.

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  1. I love that thrift store and stop often ,I never was a fan of Reichards ,I always thought they were a bit expensive .It's a great day out we go up that way once a month and just love the trip .While in Guelph we stopped at Lens and found the thrift store next door its also a good one .