Monday, September 2, 2013

Pocket Caddy

Inspired by a photo on Quiltville I created this caddy to hold hand sewing tools using a 5"x7" clear plastic picture frame.  Mine is a little different - there's a 'pouchy' pocket in the front to hold my Clover wonder clips and thimbles.  I used a little bit of 1/4" elastic to keep the pouchy part closed.

I added a little flap at the base on the back to use as a pin cushion.  I was worried that there wouldn't be enough "heft" in the caddy to hold it solidly standing upright, but this is not a problem at all.  It's plenty sturdy.



  1. Would you make me a case for my Kobo mini???

  2. Hi Nancy Rose,

    I enjoy reading your blog all the time. We lived outside of Guelph in a small town for over thirty years and still return often as it is a great city. Greenwood Quilts and Triangle Sewing are always on my list to stop at.

    You get some great finds at the thrift stores. My grandaughter is at university there now and purchased an old Singer 99K in great condition for me at Goodwill.

    Your Hawaiian Pillow cover is lovely and your gadget picture frame is sure a good idea.

    Always enjoy your adventure around Guelph. Keep writing.

    Have a great day.