Thursday, September 10, 2015

Adventures 3

About two weeks ago, Hubby and I stayed a little closer to home for our weekend adventure.  We had initially thought about doing an overnight shopping trip to Niagara, but once I paid the balance of my fall tuition...well, let's just say I didn't feel as excited about a shopping trip!

We've only lived in the Waterloo Region for a little more than a year, and continue to learn more about our new hometown.

A few weeks ago, I read a charming article in the newspaper about a restaurant in Waterloo called "The Harmony Lunch".  I added a visit there to my mental to-do list, and this was our first stop:
Have you ever had a hamburger that is pork instead of beef? It was delicious, and the restaurant was charming.  I would have liked to have taken some photos - the scarred wooden floor, the hat rack, the telephone booth, the old soda fountain.  I don't think a thing has changed in here since The Depression.  

I had read in yesterday's newspaper about a log cabin in a park in Waterloo. I'd never visited this park before, so we enjoyed a little walk through it.

The autumn leaves are already falling, and it's only August.

And here is the log school house!  There was a wedding party doing a photo shoot next to the building.  I imagine there is a real feeling of nostalgic connection to this house built by the original Mennonite settlers in Waterloo.  The wedding party may have even been descendants!

And the last stop in the afternoon was to the recently opened Apollo Cinema.  We were able to snag a Groupon deal that included tickets for 2 plus popcorn and drinks for $15.  We saw "Mr. Holmes".  Neat theatre!  Even regular admission is cheaper than the big cinemas, and it's licensed, so you can order a craft beer or a cider or a glass of wine at the concession stand.  There's even tables in front of the lounge-y seats!

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